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"Doing my exchange semester in Pforzheim has changed my perspective of what I want and who I am. Since I started this experience, I have realized the importance of living an exchange, because I opened my panorama towards new cultures. The Gemini program has helped me a lot because they have made my experience live to the fullest."

Héloïse, France

"This exchange year in Pforzheim is probably the best time of my life. I met incredible people and lived a crazy and unique cultural experience! Hope you will live a unique experience and enjoy it as much as I did."

Duarte, Portugal

"I came to Pforzheim with no expectations at all and it ended up being the most regardful experience of my life! The people you meet are the best part of the Erasmus adventure. And with the amount of funny Gemini activities that are organized throughout the semester, you have lots of fun! Pforzheim is also super well located to visit awesome places like Freiburg, Heidelberg, Straßburg or Stuttgart. So the combination of the people with the awesome places you can visit, makes Pforzheim the right choice when applying for Erasmus!"

Maria José, Mexico


Amélie, France

"I have been studying in Pforzheim for 2 semesters as I am doing a double degree in International Marketing. I have absolutely love my semesters here. I have met and created friendship with incredible people from all around the world. The associations here have made my life in Pforzheim even better by organising cultural events and parties. From the Oktoberfest to the Newie Party or International Dinner, we had the occasion to learn a lot about new cultures, including the German one, but also share ours. I would recommend Pforzheim to everyone as I have spent the best year of my life here!"

Chris, England

"I have been studying in Pforzheim for 2 semesters now and my time in Pforzheim has been amazing. Part of this is due to Gemini as they offer many trips around Baden- Württemberg, including Frühlingsfest, Mercedes-Benz museum and a Christmas Party to name a few, at a cheap and affordable price. From this I have met new people and managed to get a real feel of the German culture."

Ruben, Mexico

"As an exchange student, there is no better way to learn about the culture of Germany than by being involved in the Gemini Organization. Who would not like someone to help you on your 'first steps' in a new city, or a frequent get-together with your buddy to chat about interesting topics, or the occasional cultural field trip around Germany. But if this is not enough, how about a German friend that you will always remember. I strongly recommend the participation in this program, something for sure you would not regret on your study abroad program."


Ivaylo, Bulgaria

"Travelling is the best thing a person could do and spending a semester abroad in Germany was the best idea I have ever had. Not only have I had the most fun in my life, but also met some of the most interesting people. It has been an amazing experience and I am absolutely sure that I made the right decision coming here. As a result, I cannot help but wonder, how can a foreign country feel so much like home."

Stephanie, Denmark

"During my exchange at University Pforzheim, I was fortunate to meet amazing people from across the world whom I have spent a lot of time travelling with around Germany and its neighboring countries. Both on my own and with friends, but also thanks to the student organisation Gemini. The geographical location of Pforzheim offers great opportunity for exploring without having to travel far. Being a very international group, I did not only get to know German culture, but so many more cultures represented in our international group. The international team at the university of Pforzheim and the student organisation Gemini go out of their way to give you the best exchange experience possible. I am very grateful for my time and memories created - thank you!"

Norberto, Mexico

"Gemini was a very important factor on my integration with new students who soon enough became really good friends of mine. I really enjoyed all of the events and field trips that they organize to make our time at uni a little bit easier and fun. I am so in favor of a buddy system, because I believe that it is fundamental to have someone to trust when you start studying in a new school. Specially if that school is in a whole new country! All I can say is that Gemini is a great student association and I hope they can continue doing such a great job!"


Miguel, Peru

"The first semester of my exchange at Pforzheim University was amazing! I met future colleagues from Germany and from all over the world. More important, I made a lot of friends! During the last semester, I could travel a lot around Baden-Württemberg thanks to the initiative Gemini. At the beginning things were not easy - it was a new country and city to discover and get used to. But with the help of my buddy, I went over all the obstacles and adapted easily to my new life. Now I am very curious to know which new adventures my second semester will bring. Thanks Caro, thanks Gemini and thanks Pforzheim! I have tons of memories that will last forever." 

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