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Excursion Team

Each semester, Gemini offers several excursions for the exchange students of Pforzheim University. These are organized and carried out by the Excursion Team. The day trips lead us to German cities, as Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Ulm or Konstanz, where we want to familiarize  the exchange students with the German culture, show them interesting facts about Germany and of course spend an unforgettable day together. But Germany has not only great cities to visit, but also a lot of other interesting spots, like the well-known automobile manufacturers for a factory tour, breweries or wineries for a tasting or one of the numerous castles in the surrounding area of Pforzheim. At the beginning of each semester, the new incomings can vote for the destinations, they are most interested in and the Excursion-Team is always looking forward to new and exciting destinations.

The trips are at low costs for the exchange students due to the financial support of Pforzheim University for which we are very grateful.

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