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There are a few public managed dorms that are located in the close surrounding of the university. The rooms are most of the time fully furnished and for an appropriate price. Depending on the student dorm, there are various sizes of the apartment — sometimes you can choose between staying in a one-person flat or three to five-person flat, in others there is no option for choosing. You can check the website of „Studentenwerk Karlsruhe“ where you can find informations about the different dorms and then apply for the dorm you are interested in. It is best to do it as soon as possible because often only a few rooms are available.


Beside these two options, you can also rent your own apartment if you prefer to stay on your own. Sometimes this apartments are party equipped. But this is much more expensive and less communicative. On the other hand, you can decide on your own how you want to live and you have much more freedom.


Another possibility are the shared apartments. There are numerous of existing shared apartments by students of Pforzheim University and every semester students are looking for new flatmates. These are located around the whole city, so you can decide in which area of Pforzheim you want to live. The rooms are most of the time furnished and the flats are appropriate equipped with necessary stuff. For you, it is the best way to experience the German culture and mentalities with your roomies. Just check the website or the Facebook page „WG & Wohnungen Pforzheim gesucht“ for available rooms in a shared flat.

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