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to the initiative for international students at Pforzheim University

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Support. Integration. Exchange.

Around 100 International Students at Pforzheim University every semester.


    Gemini is an independent student initiative of Pforzheim University that takes care of the incoming International Students. 

    Every semester around 100 new students come to our university from all around the world. The slogan "Nations Together" describes our goal to support intercultural exchange and integration by a diversity of activities in Pforzheim and the surrounding area. To give the exchange students an understanding of the German culture and to show them interesting spots in Southern Germany, our team organizes events and day trips for the International Students as well as for German students. To make every incoming student feel welcome, we match them with a German buddy, supporting the exchange student during the time in Pforzheim and showing him/her around. We want to offer the exchange students an unforgettable time in Pforzheim and help to create plenty of new friendships between International Students and German students.

    Currently our team consists of 55 active members that are separated in four subject areas: the Buddy-Team, the Excursion-Team, the Event-Team and the Marketing-Team. Here you can find the tasks of each group.  

    We can only organize and realize our excursions thanks to the financial support of Pforzheim University and the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Auslandsdienst).



    You are looking for companions during your semester abroad?

    Every semester we create a new Facebook page for the incoming students of the upcoming semester. The platform is there to get to know other exchange students, exchange information and experiences, to share events and so forth. Everyone of the students can become a member of the group. Just click on the facebook icon to the right and you get to the International Community of the incoming students at Pforzheim University this semester. 

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    Every International Student coming to Pforzheim University can get a German Buddy who will help you with all your questions and with whom you can build an international friendship. Just follow the link to sign up for the Buddy Program.

    You are looking for guidance in Germany for free?

    We at NJD GERMANYAGENTS, Pforzheim University students, have committed ourselves to help people, like you, to setup your journey in Germany! We support fast integration into the German culture, as well as offer guidance in different areas for your daily life in Germany:

    • Information on Visa, city registration and residence permit application

    • Housing must-knows (accommodations, rules, culture, etc.) 

    • Comparison of all needed contracts (phone, bank, etc.)

    • Household shopping tips

    • How to get a funding during your stay (scholarships, part-time jobs)

    • Cheapest way of transportation (starting from the airport to travelling through Germany/Europe)

    • Pforzheim Exchange Alumni Experiences

    Don’t worry about language and culture barriers. Go on to learn how to really be part of Germany, and feel at home from the first day on.  

    Please feel free to ask any question, even when not mentioned on our website. We are happy for new ideas and suggestions. 


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